Flight Planning

The flight plan is what the aircrew use to fly the mission so it is complete and all inclusive of area coverage, neat model coverage, all flight lines with start and stop points, scale breaks and exact frame count. All photography will be planned using 60% FOL and 30% LOL. We flight plan using a custom air photo/photogrammetric 3D flight planning software from TopoFlight. In the aircraft we employ a flight management system called SoftNav that is integrated into the camera, the gyro stabilized camera mount and the GPS/IMU systems for the mission navigation and photo acquisition.

Flight plan review for completeness and accuracy inspection of imagery for suitability of purpose to include: exposure quality, cleanliness, overlap, drift, and completeness of model coverage for the project area. Flight log review to confirm data collection requirements were met, imagery was acquired at appropriate times for correct sun angle and that actual project flying and photo is complete and progressing as planned. Imagery is inspected to confirm correct scale and GSD were obtained.

Image Processing and Flight Recovery

All finishing work is conducted by GeodesyGroup in house. Raw digital imagery is processed in house and, all downstream work with the imagery is completed by us at our High River office. We have been an ICAS qualified photo survey firm since 1986 and have worked for the Alberta Government on their various scale program since that time also. We are fully knowledgeable of all acceptance standards and specifications.
The raw digital imagery from our Vexcel UltracamXP and UltracamLP is processed with our camera operation software Ultramap from Microsoft. We operate an appropriate number of post processing systems and servers to expedite the processing time.
Through the flight recovery we confirm all the imagery meets the quality standards, is complete and achieves the specifications. We complete flight reports, required data files, index maps, labelling and prints as required



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