Our Experience

GeodesyGroup Inc. prides itself on the ability to handle projects of all sizes and types in a competent, efficient and first class manner. Customer satisfaction is a priority and attention to detail by all staff members, in addition to following the professional and ethical standards legislated by the Americam Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, ensure consistent high quality products are delivered on time and within budget using fair business practices. We welcome the opportunity to discuss a custom solution for any aerial photography or mapping you may require.

GeodesyGroup Inc. is an Alberta incorporated company that has been providing comprehensive aerial photography and mapping services from its Calgary base for the last 30 years. The management and personnel within the company have over 100 years of combined experience in aerial data acquisition and photogrammetric production. Numerous projects have been completed over these many years that include both small and large-scale aerial photography, photogrammetric mapping, orthophoto, topographic data collection and LiDAR data acquisition..

With our 30 years experience as an ICAS qualified aerial survey firm we have conducted photo surveys throughout all parts of Canada including the Yukon and Arctic as well as the Western United States. Our large format digital cameras Vexcel Ultracam XP and Ultracam LP we are able to produce a full range of imagery be it pan, RGB(colour), infrared or RGBI (colour infrared) at various ground sample distance (GSD) from 4cm to 45cm. In our 30 years we have worked at all scales of photo and these projects have been conducted for all three levels of government and with a wide range of private industry to include utilities, forestry, mining, oil and gas. Applications have included low-level photography for facility management of airports, golf courses, urban mapping, irrigation monitoring and archaeological studies.



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